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Where the recipes and wisdoms of life are shared accross all tables!

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Keeping the Recipes is a podcast hosted by TRANSIT ARTS, a youth arts program of Central Community House, located in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of this podcast is to meet with seniors and elders of our community, asking about where they come from, stories of wisdom that they would like to share, and any advice that they would like to share to the younger generations 

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In this weeks episode, we speak to Baba Shongo as he speaks about taking the skills and experiences in his life, and putting them towards great causes, such as managing professional artists, curating art exhibits, hosting think tanks, and giving back to the community.

All podcast episodes are available on Spotify as well as Apple Podcasts.

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Keeping the Recipes, provides a space for TRANSIT ARTS youth and artists to conduct interviews by video and/or audio with our community’s seniors. Our young artists have a long list of questions to ask seniors who have a wealth of creative abilities and experiences to share. Both young people and seniors have experienced deep isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. We honor the knowledge that seniors have survived, and managed to thrive, during challenging times and can help guide upcoming generations by sharing their stories. We hope that seniors will know that their stories will help younger generations manage current challenges while lessening their fear of growing older. Keeping the Recipes is made possible through support of the Isabelle Ridgway Foundation of The Columbus Foundation.

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